Evelop and create case for diversity project

1. Develop and Create at 2 mini-cases (one case per each respective), which deal with any diversity-related topic you choose. It could be race-, gender-, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, etc. type of a case. Each case must be on a different diversity related area.
*I have attached the Dimensions of Diversity Wheel again to give you some ideas as well for your different diversity related areas.
2. It would be better to include at least one case that addresses the employers concern about possible backlash against its Muslim employees.
3. All 2 cases should be one page, single-spaced, followed by a list of 4 to 5 questions related to the case that helps managers 1) identify the key issues / problems, 2) assess whether or not the behavior in question violates company policy(ies) and companys values, and 3) decide what specific actions that would take to address and resolve the problems presented.
4. Your case material should help managers comply with company policy, and even more importantly provide insight that helps them build and sustain inclusive, respectful workplaces.