Evelop and describe your personal theory of human development, drawing from and citing the theorists and theories studied in classes

1-Please use this text book as a reference: Theories of Human Development, by: Barbara M. Newman & Philip R. Newman (2009).
2-make sure you stick to the APA format (the recent edition, not an old one)
3-Look at the Helpful paper I will attach it for you.
4-Read the Guidelines carefully and follow it, I will attach it.
5-Follow the Rubric, I will attach it.
6-Look at the theorists and theories I talked about in my paper,it may help you and also add more from the text book provided above.
7-Talk about cognitive,physical development
8-Talk about the neurons in the brain.(you can find it in the book)
9-Talk about the Information processing theory
10-mention all the theories in the human development: for example, social learning theory, Vygotskys theory, Piagets theory, Erikson, Bandura, Evolutionary theory, Experiential theory(Kolb), cognitive social-historical theory(Vygotsky), Acculturation & externalizing behaviors, psychosocial theory(Erikson), Dynamic systems theory.
Please answer the question very well. this is an important paper.
Thank you.

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