Eveloping a training program for employees to become a better car salesperson

Keep in mind that the purpose of your research is to develop a five minute presentation on a training plan. It should cover all aspects of a corporate training plan, as indicated in the following document:

The training plan is your perception and does not have to be implemented. Essentially, you are developing a training plan through your research. Often very good ideas are never implemented because a training initiative is not considered. Your research will allow you to develop a training plan that is reinforced by your readings in our text, Employee Training and Development.This assignment requires PowerPoint slides and a Written Plan. ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION:
GRADING RUBRIC OF a?Final Projecta?
(Total Points Available 150 points)

FinalPROJECT GRADE: ______


1. Introduction _____ 10 Points

– Clear thesis statement
– Catches readeras attention
– Relates topic to Slide Show and Training and Development

2. Body of Paper _____ 20 Points
– Continues to relate paper to Training and Development
– Specifics that support general statements
– Appropriate length for content (5 substantial pagesnot counting the bibliography)
– Supports introduction and conclusion

3. Conclusion _____ 10 Points
– A thoughtful and logical conclusion
– Summarizes key points

4. Content _____ 20 Points
– Appropriate content and links to Training and Development issues
– A consistent and authentic voice
– Clearly showing the relationship of the writers point of view with those of quoted sources and other possible viewpoints

5. Form/Composition _____ 10 Points
– A strong logical development and organization
– Interesting, varied, logical sentences.
– Uses APA or MLA style

6. Coherence _____ 10 Points
– Paper will have a discernable beginning, middle, and end
– Easy to understand
– Nearly error-free writing (spelling/grammar)

7. References Cited _____ 10 Points
– Adequate documentation of sources (references cited throughout paper and linked to bibliography)
– Follows MLA or APA format for citing references
– Appropriate # and types of references cited (1 books, 1 professional journals, 2 internet articles)