Eveloping Americaas a?Second Languagea?

double spaced. Concisely communicating your thoughts is the goal. You should structure your reflection piece as follows:

Summary of a point that resonated most deeply with you: This could be a theory, a case study, an idea, a specific pointa¦ literally anything that speaks to you.
Paper Analysis: Refer to a?How to Read a Scientific Papera?. Think about context: the articleas time and place, who the authors are and what impact this article may have had. Think about how this could influence the content (and your own summary) of the article.
Why? Why did this impact you? Is there something about your chosen a?summary pointa? that you can identify with? That you disagree/agree deeply with? That you feel passionately about? Why do you think we chose for you to read this?
What do you think is the answer? Solving problems is crucial for public health. What can be done? how would you address the point that you have chosen to write about. Feel free to assume that you have unlimited resources to work with.

*Please make sure that its 3 FULL pages.