Eveloping an Augera? (Earth Drill) one stage Gearbox System. A comparing study between two planetary gears systems, spur and helical gears

Developing an Augera? (Earth Drill) one stage Gearbox System
A comparing study between two planetary gears systems, spur and helical gears


Gears play a vital role in our live, normally invisible for several individuals within civilized world, however; it would be exist in the majority of instrument that they use. Gears are most significant a part of mechanical devices, they can be found in numerous machines in the factories, workshops and homes. In vehicles for instance, the gears help the drivers to decrease and increase speed as the driver change the gears by using the gear stick. One of the common methods of transmitting motion that the vast majority of machines need them is gears. In any simple or complicated device or machine often consists of power source and power transmission system, which provides the applications high performance to control the power and movement. Transmission system term of refers to transmission/gearbox that normally uses in gear train in order to give appropriate output speed and torque that converted from rotational main power source to another machine/device. Gear reduction is the main thing that gears offer in motorised equipment; this is the key because, often, a small motor rotating very fast can provide appropriate power for a machine, but not enough torque. The best example for that is an electric screwdriver, this small device has a massive gear reduction, because, it requires to produce a significant torque to turn screws. However, the motor just generate a small amount of torque at high speed, subsequently; the output speed easily reduced while the torque is incredibly by using gear reduction. Furthermore, gears can easily manage to adjust the orientation of rotation. In case of car in general, the power is transmitted by shaft that runs down from the centre of the car to the rear wheels, and the differential has to turn that power by about 90 degrees to apply it to the wheels.

The project should aim to
1-Designing two CAD model for one stage Augera? (Earth Drill) Gear box by using Solid Edge CAD software first one is a planetary gear system with spur gears, the second one will be a planetary gear system with helical gears, taking into account the lubrication process and bearing selections.

2-Finite Element Analysis (FEA) by using Algor simulation software will be necessary to do concept developing for the design.

3-Making a comparing study and results discussion with the selection for the best design according to the live factor, prices in the marketsa¦.etc.

4-Recommendations for the further research in future.
The gearbox data which you required is below:

1. Output torque 8000Nm
2. Reduction ratio 5.4:1
3. Approx size of the unit 225mm diameter, and length approx. 500mm.
4. Input speed 379 RPM
5. Diameter of input shaft. 45mm
6. Output shaft where drilling attachment fits is 75mm square.

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