Eveloping an Emergency Preparedness System

One particularly effective way to assess risk is the use of a hazard profile. Hazard profiles not only help emergency managers identify risk, it also helps them rank risks and determine their a?threat level.a? This is important because it provides emergency managers with a list of what risks need to be addressed first. It is important not to merely focus on risks that have happened in the past. As communities expand and develop and advances in technology occur, new risks and threats emerge.

Similarly, astute emergency managers go beyond writing out lists of potential hazards. They take a holistic approach and account for items such as an areaas topography, demographic makeup, and industrial infrastructurea all of which can increase a communityas risk for certain types of hazards.

For this Assignment, review the media Risk Assessment and Hazard Analysis, and consider what may be needed for an effective risk assessment. Think about all the various impacts that hazards may have on communities. The community risk assessment and analysis you perform this week will also be used in your Final Project.

Describe the critical data needed for an effective risk assessment for your community.

Building on the risk assessment assignment in Week 2, develop an emergency preparedness system for your Final Project community. Your system should include the following:

Goals and objectives (1 page)

A description of the preparedness training and exercise program for your community, including frequency of training (1a 2 pages)

An explanation of how you might evaluate your emergency preparedness system, including frequency of evaluation (1a 2 pages)

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