Eveloping an Evaluation Plan: Pt 2: Selecting Methods and Design

Focused on the topic that you have selected for the program plan you are currently developing. Here is my topic: My program will be addressing the issue of mental health, with the specific objective being to lessen the rate of anxiety among African American girls aged group 12-18 through the City of Everett Public School system.
Issue: Mental Health: ANXIETY
Target Demographic: African American girls ages 12-18
Target Location: Everett, MA Public School System

First, review the stages of the program planning and evaluation cycle (community needs assessment, program theory and development, process/program implementation, program intervention delivery, and program effect evaluation). For each stage, discuss which type(s) of qualitative method(s) you feel would be most appropriate and why you feel as you do. Then, provide an example of specific qualitative data you might collect at each stage for your program plan.

Required Readings & Other Activities
1. Issel Ch. 16
2. Fischer, R.L., Lalich, N., & Coulton, C. (2008). Taking it to scale: Evaluating the scope and reach of a community-wide initiative on early childhood. Evaluation and Program Planning, 31, 199-208.

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