Eveloping an international marketing plan for an organisation

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i am studying master of business administration in Australia . please consider that to complete the below essay as per austrilan standards.
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The focus of this assignment is on developing an appropriate marketing
plan with emphasis on a?marketing mixa strategy for a new product or service in
an existing or new international market.
Task: The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to utilise
your knowledge of international marketing to undertake an analysis of the
overseas market condition to develop a practicable marketing plan.

Below is an example of an international marketing plan which is shown and explained in detail in chapter 8 of your text book ( not necessary from the same book).

In completing this assignment students should determine their own format and content based on the assignment focus and task as detailed above.

1) Title Page
2) Table of Contents
3) Background :
i · The industry
i · The company
4) Situation analysis
i · Business environment e.g. Political & Legal factors
i · Market analysis e.g. Characteristics, forecasts & trends
i · Competitor analysis e.g. Strengths
i · Organisational capabilities e.g. Capacity
i · SWOT analysis
5) Marketing strategies:
i · Foreign market entry strategy
i · Target market and segmentation strategy
i · Positioning strategy
i · Marketing mix strategy
6) Company objectives
7) Economic evaluation
i · Planning assumptions
i · Forecast sales & costs
8) Marketing Implementation & Control
i · Action plan
i · Budgets
9) Monitoring & Control Mechanism(s)
10) References
11) Appendix

Assessment Rubric:

1) Report Format and Organization: All required sections are included, and each is effectively organized. No formatting errors exist

2) Statement of Problem: Problem is articulated exceptionally well. Audiences will be persuaded that this problem is significant and needs attention.

3) Introduction: Introduction is excellent: itas clear, engaging, and thorough.

4) Methodology: Data and collection methods are explained and developed exceptionally well. All questions are anticipated and answered.

5) Data Use and Analysis: Data is appropriate and very relevant; presentation and analysis of data are professional, thorough, engaging, and sophisticated.

6) Conclusions and Recommendations: Conclusions and recommendations are excellent.

7) Research and Documentation: Report contains no errors in documentation (including citations, or References). Student introduces and analyzes found information in a professional manner

8) Solution or Course of Action: Solution is articulated exceptionally well, realistic, and based on excellent evidence. Course of action should be under immediate consideration.

9) Grammar: No grammatical errors exist.

10) Mechanics: Report has no punctuation, spelling, or capitalization errors.

11) Sentences and Style: Sentences contain no errors and are diverse and sophisticated. Style is concise and professional. The report has clearly been edited and proofread numerous times.