Eveloping and implementing a Business Ethics Strategy in the turbulent business environment

Learning Outcomes
1.Critically evaluate the role of business within society.
2.Apply and critique ethical frameworks with respect to business management.
3.Assess the range of issues within the scope of business ethics in a globalised economy.

a. Select a sector or industry (exclude banking and financial services) for developing and implementing a Business Ethics Strategy.
b. Consider this sector or industry in terms of its impact on the local, regional or global stakeholders
c. Critique the classical theories of business management and modern theories in Business Ethics and incorporate appropriate theories and models in the proposed strategy
d. Produce your Business Ethics Strategy in a report format and present your arguments and rationale for the Business Ethics Strategy

Sources of Information and Assistance
This assignment is designed to amalgamate several aspects of the learning material linked to Business Ethics, together with your own research and application. Therefore, consider the following to enrich your research / assignment:

1. Assume the role of an Ethics Consultant who has been invited by the sector / industry lead body to develop a Business Ethics Strategy

2. Sector / industry analysis based on PESTEL may help.

3. Critique various Business Management Models / Theories in terms of their limitations to deal with the Ethical Issues, especially during turbulent times. Here you need to consider the classical management theories, human relations theories, and contingency theories.

4. Consider the contemporary theories / models that are specific to Ethical Issues. Here you must consider as a minimum, the contributions of Archie Carroll, Ed Freeman and S P Sethi.

5. Justify your selection and incorporation of theories and models to support your Business Ethics Strategy

6. Clearly state the expected outcomes from your Business Ethics Strategy when implemented

7. Produce a Report that is purposeful and actionable.

Assessment Criteria
1. Valid reason is provided in selecting the sector / industry

2. Some critical analysis on the Business Management Models / theories provided and some valid contribution on the turbulent business world
3. Some critical analysis on Contemporary Ethical Models / theories provided
4. The Business Ethics Strategy is practicable