Eveloping and Implementing Successful Strategies

The Campbell Soup Co. is still one of the world oldest and best-known global food companies. This company also owns many other well-known brands that are not associated with a soup product. In 2001, the companyas profits and stock price plunged due to loss of market percentage and a decrease in demand for several key products. The CEO, Douglas Conant, took an almost textbook approach to rebuilding the company, and he achieved remarkable success.

Submit by Day 7 a 300 to 700word paper which answers all of the following questions:

Summarize the key findings of the SWOT analysis done by Conant. Explain why they are a?keya? findings.
Which of following term or terms best describes the strategy or strategies that Conant implemented at the Campbell Soup Co.? Why?

Focus low-cost
Focused differentiation
Related differentiation

Was the Campbell Soup Co. vertically integrated? If it was, was it backwards or forward integrated? Explain your reasoning.

In your opinion, what do you think were the strengths and weaknesses of Conantas strategic decisions?

Application Assignments must be in APA style and format.