Eveloping community spirit in Social Housing in the UK

Developing community spirit in Social Housing in the UK

Housing is an important component of the human environment. Social housing has been a significant architectural discourse of the last century in the United Kingdom.
Satisfaction with oneas neighborhood and community are crucial matters, playing a significant role in general quality of life at all socioeconomic levels. The most important issues pertaining to social housing today are the lacking of community spirit and insecure neighborhood. Because of these inadequacies, many of the social housing in the United Kingdom are often labeled as social failures and architectural failures as examples of some of the aberrations they possess and because many are designed unsuitably for a?reala living.

What is critical to note however, is the fact that community spirit has not been developed in the social housing sector despite the fact that efforts have been made to create mixed and diversified communities. One of the major challenges in developing community spirit is finding how to ensure that different social groups come to live together as one and not to lead entirely separate and effectively segregated lives. Without such integration tensions may arise and it is unlikely that all people will feel themselves to have an equally secure position in the society or community.

The paper should discuss and explore the issues of why community spirit has not been developed and also not successful in social housing and should also include the requirements for enhancing community social capital, the role of the state, and the ethical responsibility of architects.

I will love you to address the issues below in addition to the ones above.
How can this problem be solved through architecture and design? What is social housing? What are the factors that affect community spirit? What are the factors that enhance community spirit? How can you develop community spirit in social housing through architecture? What is community spirit? How can you bring people together in social housing through architecture? What are the main issues related to social today.
If there is anything I didnat mention the writer is welcomed to include what he thinks is right.
The structure should be as follows:
a? Introductiona?
a? Literature reviewa?
a? Methodologya?
a? Critical discussion
a? Case study at least 1
a? Results and findings (if necessary)a?
a? Conclusion
In the Methodology Identify a Theoretical Perspective briefly not morethan 500 600 words. I will like you to use Post-structural social theory in particular.
Below is the explanation of Theoretical perspective.
A theoretical perspective establishes the philosophical basis for the research. The theoretical perspective has implications for every decision made in the research process, from the research question(s) posed, to the methodology (which is simply the strategy or plan of action for the research), the techniques or procedures used to gather and analyse or interpret data, and the arguments formulated based on findings.