Eveloping Countries Promote Manage Economic Development

Developing Countries Promote Manage Economic Development
Each essay should be between 1,500?2,000 words long (all words above 2,000 will not
be read). The two essays must be on a substantially different topic i?? if in doubt talk to
your seminar leader or contact the course leader.
Citations and references
Do the citing as in a professional journal article (to see what this looks like, for example,
check any issue of the American Economic Review). The principle that you should keep
in mind is that the information that you provide the reader with must be sufficient for
him or her to find the original argument and verify that it is correctly restated by you. Inparticular, this means that you must give a page number whenever you quote literally
or refer to specific ideas presented in some part of a book/article rather than to broad
ideas and themes in a book/article.
Example 1: You are describing in your own words ideas presented in a journal article
that you read:
In?text citation:
Glosten and Milgrom (1985) provide a model of a dealer market and analyze the
consequences of asymmetric information about the stocki??s underlying value for the
functioning of such a market.
Reference in bibliography:
Glosten, L. R., and P. R. Milgrom, 1985, Bid, ask and transaction prices in a specialist
market with heterogeneously informed traders, Journal of Financial Economics 14, 71 ?