Eveloping High Quality Human Resource for EPC construction projects in ……(a large company)

With the problems in Project Management as schedule delay, poor quality, cost overrun in which human resource is one of the important reason. The quality of HR is crucial in managing projects. I am writing my PhD thesis on the topic Developing high quality human resource for EPC construction projects in ….(name of a large scale company). The thesis is to focuss on how to develop a high quality human resource to manage successfully EPC projects at a big company (in view of owner) who develope many large-scale projects; analysing the factors impacting to Human Resource Development and the relationship between HRD and Project Success; between the Project management staff competencies (especially the project Manager) and the Project Performance. Ive drafted the 1st two chapters (Introduction, an Literature Review).
CHAPTER 1(done):
Content Page
1.1 Background 3
1.2 Problem Statement 6
1.3 Rationale of the Study 18
1.4 Research Questions 19
1.5 Objective of the Study 21
1.6 Scope and Limitations 22
Content Page
2.1 Overview of Construction Industry
2.1.1 General of Perspective of Construction Industry
2.1.2 Construction industry in the country
2.2 EPC Project in view
2.2.1 Project and construction investment projects
2.2.2 EPC project
2.2.3 HR requirement for EPC projects
2.3 Human Resource and Human Resource Management
2.3.1 Human Resource: Definition and the role
2.3.2 Human Resource Management
2.4 Human Resource Strategy
2.4.1 Definition and Concept
2.4.2 The role of Human Resource Strategy for Large-Scale Projects
2.5 HRD in construction projects
2.5.1 HRD: Definition and Concept
2.5.2 Human Resource Development Process in Construction Projects
2.5.3 Personal development for achieving competence in construction project
2.5.4 Team development in construction project
2.6 Factors affecting HRD
2.6.1 The internal environment
2.6.2 The external environment
2.7 HRD assessment
2.7.1 Assessment following impacts of HRD in performance
2.7.2 Visual method of assessment
2.7.3 Training identification and evaluation
2.7.4 Six main methods of staff appraisal
2.7.5 Assessment of Project Manager Competencies Development
2.8 HRD for Construction Projects at PT
2.8.1 HRD at PT: The history from the past to present.
2.8.2 PTas HR Development and Training Strategy
2.8.3 PTas Project Managers Assessment

I am now writing the 3rd chapter on Research methodology which may include the Framework, Sampling, Data Collection,…ect.
Please help me to do this.