Eveloping Instructional Programs for nurturing creativity REVISION

Hello, You already wrote the paper but I received a 78% on it. Please edit the paper accordingly. I have attached professor feedback and comments.

Review minimum 3 scholarly educational papers and maximum 3 websites on how to nurture high level thinking skills including convergent and divergent thinking.
2. Create an annotated bibliography of the papers and websites.
3. Develop at least five activities which can be used for nurturing high level thinking skills.
4. Develop your activities using Bloom-Andersons Taxonomy: Analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and creativity of Blooms Taxonomy
5. Include a table of contents:
Review of literature on the relationship between convergent and divergent thinking and creativity
Target students (Grade 3, gifted)
Subject areas (You can choose to develop interdisciplinary activities)
Number of activities: minimum 5 (either long-term or short term tasks)
Number of words of your final report: 3,000-5,000 words