Eveloping marketing Plan (please see guidlines)

My request must be written by writer whom have deep experience in marketing business.
The detail of the request is as follow:
1.You have to use one reference book which is Marketing management book (PHILIP KOTLER and KEVINLANE KELLER 13th Edition)only.
2.Develop a marketing plan for an existing or a proposed Enterprise by referring topics from marketing management Course Book
3.The marketing plan should
have new and innovative ideas.

marketing plan which is a written document that summarizes what the marketer has learned about the marketplace and indicates how the firms plans to reach its marketing objectives. It contains tactical guidelines for the marketing programs and financial allocations over the planning period. Marketing plan document should cover the following ;

1. Executive summary and table of contents.
2. Situation analysis.
3. Marketing strategy.
4. Financial projections.
5. Implementation controls.

This document should not exceed 20 pages maximum.

PDF file will be uploaded to give the writers clearer guidlines.


Rashid Zahrani