Eveloping professional practice in front line work(week8)

Read Jones and May, course text, pp. 280-294 Jones, A. & May, J., 1999, Working in Human Service Organisations: a critical introduction, Longman, South Melbourne

Certainly there are some important tasks in organisational practice including supervision, financial and time management, keeping records and other administrative duties. We need to develop efficient practices within the organisation that we work for in these areas of our work. Being a a?front line worker and street level bureaucrata? is often a challenge in organisational practice and the next topic specifically examines this in more depth. However this week you will research many of the practical tasks of responsible employment that contribute to effective organisational practice.
This includes mention of contemporary technologies that characterise our practice.
1.Developing a personal organisational plan for your practice includes the practical tasks in this topic. How good are you at these? Be honest! Discuss examples of how you practice these skills effectively and not so effectively.
2.What skills and knowledge do you need to develop your practice and how will you access this.
3,Turning specifically to technology. Discuss the usage, value and risks in using technologies in our organisational practice.
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