Eveloping strategic recommendations of Starbucks Coffee Company( the assignment is about Information management)

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Structure of assignment.
7. Using the Three Pronged Approach to Analyze Starbucks Coffee Company
7.1 Top Down
7.2 Bottom Up
7.3 Inside-out Analysis
8 Recommendations and Strategy
8.1 Price Cutting Strategy
8.2 Promotion Strategy
8.3 Product strategy
9. Reference

Detailed Instructions for the Assignment


This is a continuation of the first assignment. You are to place yourself in the position of an IM consultant employed by the case organisation at the point where major decisions have to be made in relation to strategies for information. You are employed to examine the business and its position in the changing environment of the information age. You are to examine the national and international environment and pay particular attention to Global competition and technological developments that will influence the organisation.

The organisation is at a point where it is to take a major review of its future strategy in the light of Global business and technical drivers and an environment of greater intensity of competition.


This will build on assignment one by analysing the impact of systems on management structures and the application of tools and techniques to derive information system needs. The assignment will culminate in strategic recommendations to provide the senior executives, of the chosen organisation, with a clear indication of strategic direction in the area of information management. The document will be around 3,000 words in length.

You are to provide the managers with a research report which will be used in forming the strategy of the business for the next five to ten years.

The paper will address the issues relating to information management in the future, as these would be presented to the senior managers of the organisation, covering the following areas:

Factors critical to the future survival of the organisation and indication of systems that will be needed;
Critical issues to do with existing systems;
Identification of possible opportunities;
Issues of strategy and what input, relating to information management, will be required in the production of strategy;
Clear justification of strategic proposals made

Case Organisation

You are to use a case organisation of your choice. However, it is important to choose an organisation, which is sufficiently Global in scope, so check with your tutor that the organisation is suitable.


This assignment should be word-processed except where diagrams are used; these can be produced by hand. The assignment should be divided into appropriate sections and sub-sections; these do not need to be numbered. No specific binding is needed but the work should be put together in such a way that it is robust enough to be handled by registry and staff bearing in mind it may be with hundreds of other assignments. Your tutor s name should appear on the assignment.

Plan of Work

The marking scheme that follows is suitable as an outline starting plan as it follows a logical sequence. You are advised to sketch out a more detailed plan of work to discuss with your tutor (time within tutorials will be provided for this).


Written feedback will be provided against the marking scheme that follows within three working weeks of the hand-in date of this assignment. As students are likely to be on a number of different sites E-Mail your tutor in the case of difficulty.


These will include the main text, notes given and taken during tutorials, wider reading around the state of the art in the field via journals and other publications. Research into the chosen organisation is not the main purpose of the exercise but will require some investigation. Key resources and issues relating to this module will appear on WOLF. See additional information against each learning criteria below.
Do not use Wikipedia.
Use of The Harvard System of referencing in text and reference list.