Eveloping strategies to achieve competitive advantage: case study Nokia (U.K.)

” Arial 11
” Double space
” 18000 words not include Appendix and references
” Use both primary data and secondary data, the writer should conduct his/her own primary research.

” Chapter 1 Introduction (1200 words)

in this chapter, there should be the total number of people in UK who uses mobile phone, general information of Nokia as well as financial info such as the total sale each month.

” Chapter 2 Literature review: Pest, Porter 5 forces, SWOT, BCG box, Generic strategies, Value Chain, and Marketing Mix 7P. writer can add more tool and theory (5500-6000 words)

this chapter will emplore only tools and theory, nothing related to Nokia company

” Chapter 3 Methodology (1500-2000 words)
” Chapter 4 Finding and Analysis (8500 words)
” Chapter 5 Recommendation and conclusion (800 words)
” Appendix
” References Book, journal, database, and website (all these should also be categorized in this reference section)

NOTE: it is important for you to send me over the work after each chapter is done. Since i would need to have each chapter approved by my supervisor time to time and I may need to send it back to you for revision as a continuing process.

Please find the attachment Disser_Qas an example for the structure of the writing that I expect, as well as the level of english.
Harvard System standard style should be used for referencing (including in-text references. For any diagrams and tables, both heading and captions should be self explanatory and the source of that data or material should be clearly stated. Avoiding using quote ,and please paraphase instead.