Eveloping Strategies to Address Strategic Issues

Briefly describe Americares
Explain at least one strategic issue of this organization.
Apply the five-part process to this strategic issue and include your results. Then explain which of the process guidelines you found most helpful during the strategy formulation.
The Five-Steps Process
1.) What are the practical alternatives, dreams, or visions we might pursue to address this strategic issue, acheive this goals, or realize this idealized scenario?
2.) What are the barriers to the realization of these alternatives, dreams, or idealized scenarios?
3.) What major proposals might we pursue to achieve this alternatives, dreams, or idealized scenarios directly or to overcome the barriers to their realization?
4.) What major actions (with existing staff within existing job descriptions) must be taken within the next year (or two) to implement the major proposals?
5.) What specific steps must be taken within the next six months to implement the major proposals and who is responsible?
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