Eveloping Teamwork Productivity in Diverse Workforce

I was refered to your website by a friend who was very pleased with your services. You wrote a paper for her recently on the same subject for the same class. Her order number was 106724. The reason why I bring this up is because I need the paper to look different than hers incase the assignment is given to same writer.

The assignment is a mini-paper using chapter #8 from a book called Human Relationsby Marie Dalton, Ed.D, Dawn G. Hoyle and Marie W. Watts as a resource.

The guidlines for the mini-paper are as follows:

1. It must be a minimum of five (5) 8×11 pages double spaced word processed document.

2. The topic of the paper is Developing Teamwork Productivity in Diverse Workforce”

3. The paper requires students to investigate the following regarding teamwork:

a. The pros and cons of teamwork.

b. interpersonal challenges faced with moitivating employees to work productively in teams.

c. What are the enviroments at work that support a team approach to problem solving and what are the activities at work where a team approach is not necessary. Should we use the team approach for all work related activities.

d. What are some strategies to utilize when working in a diverse work enviroment where all employees play to facilitate team success.

e. At the end of the paper, a student summary will highlight the main points of the paper, re-emphasizing their recommendations to answer the topic of the paper-located in item#2 of this guide.

This paper also needs to be in APA style.