Eveloping the planning and design of a Public Safety Facility.

I need master level because I need a work of high quality. The name of my class is Facilities and Property Management and we use the book Facility Design and Management Hand Book (ISBN 0-07-135394-1) by Eric Teicholz. My major is Public Safety Administration.
This paper requires developing the planning and design of a Public Safety Facility.
” This paper shall consist of creating a basic building design showing the allocation of space and location and size of offices allocated to each component as outlined below. This design shall be accompanied by a written paper of adequate length to explain the information below.
” Each student will select a city located anywhere in the State of Florida (United States) with a population between 20,000 and 50,000. The demographics of this city should be included as a part of the written assignment.
” Contact will be made with that citys building department to request the average cost for new commercial construction per square foot (For this reason I recommend a city next to where I live: Saint Petersburg 33710). Names and telephone numbers should be documented and submitted along with the design.
” Students will ascertain the current staffing of the citys fire, police and EMS.
” Students will then design a facility capable of housing these three components. This design may be hand drawn or be completed utilizing the drawing tools in MS Word or other software application. It does not have to be to scale, but should provide sufficient detail in order to evaluate its practicality. Total square footage must be included as well as estimated cost. I annex a preliminary drawing of my work that I did as part of a previous homework. Really it does not fulfill with the requirements of the teacher (it gave to me an F), but it must be the base of the following one.
” Students will explain the basis for their design.
” Students will estimate an overall cost of the paper based on the current average commercial pricing in the city they choose and cite their source(s).
” At least one Green technologyshould be incorporated into the building design and while it is not necessary to illustrate this technology, it should be adequately explained.
” Students should provide two possible methods of funding the paper.
This paper should be of 8 pages not including the design page(s). All sources must be cited and the paper must be submitted utilizing the APA format. The paper is evaluated as follows: Design 15%; Content and Explanation 75%; Structure, Grammar, Spelling and Sources 10%.