Eveloping tourism product in souq waqif

i just need the editing of our research. The feedbacks from our professor is included in the attachment with the research as a pdf file. i will also send the research as a document so it will be easier for editing. The feedbacks are:
1:Explain the stages
2:What is the research problem explored in this study
3:The redlines underlined are small mistakes that needs to be corrected
4:What does the literature review cover (introduction for the literature need to be included)
5:everything should be referenced & in apa style
6:needs to include 4 more literature review
7:needs to mention what book the literature review is taken from and explain them
8:the conceptual framework is wrong. The conceptual framework is not based on the literature review.
9:What are these concepts. Explain this in detail. The marketing mix needs to be explained in detail
10:Where did you present this in your study. The 7 ps must be explained in detail
11:Revise these. Provide concrete directions for location and transportation
12:What type of restaurant exist there
13:The methodology section is missing. It should include
* How data was collected( clear description)
* How data was analyzed (content analysis)
* Limitations of your study
14:use the theme from the research questions
15:Present your results based on the theme of your study derived from the research questions
16:The research method needs to include content analysis
17:How did you to ensure that these was trustworthiness in your study. needs to talk about qualitative research
18:Limitation of research:What did you do to minimize these limitations. Needs to explain why they were limitations
19:No need to mention about quantitative study
20:The references are not inn apa style
21:the research questions & the interview questions are not in order and need to be fixed.
22:research objectives fix & put in order.