Eveloping vocabulary and literacy in bilingual children

Please assign this project to the last writer assigned to my previous work order!

I would like the writer to follow this outline:

1)Introduction that includes definition of good reading instruction, that includes phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension,
2)Bilingual exposure and instruction of the above mentioned reading components.
3) Discuss vocabulary development and literacy in bilingual instruction

I will submit some articles that I want you to use for this (non-negotiable) but you might add as many as you consider appropriate. Articles have to be from Scientific Journals ONLY no older than 2010 (peer reviewed)

Thank you

Added on 26.03.2015 21:17
Please use the attached list of articles for the Literature review (tell me if you need an actual copy of the article)
Remember that you can always add more but the ones on the list must stay.
New articles have to be from Scientific Journals (peer reviewed) no older than 2010