Eveloping/improving performance management within organisation (podiatry/chiropodist clinic or small private estate agency).

Suggested Headings/Layout for the Proposal

Developing/improving performance management within organisation (podiatry/chiropodist clinic or small private estate agency).

Why is this an issue at your organisation? How does this issue impact on relevant stakeholders? (e.g. staff and/or customers)

What topic are you going to research and why? Why is this area important to business? What are your research objectives?

Secondary Research or Literature Review
What could you find out that has already been published on this topic? Have any similar studies taken place? What specific topics and sub-topics are you going to read up on? Can you identify any key texts, articles or websites that you will use in your Literature Review?

Primary Research or Methodology
What exactly do you want to find out and why? What sort of information do you need e.g. quantitative or qualitative or both? Remember to say that you are taking an Action Research approach. Which data collection methods (e.g. questionnaires, interviews, observations or focus groups; face-to-face, paper-based or online) are you going to use and why? Think about advantages and disadvantages of your chosen methods and how you will try and overcome the disadvantages. What is the scope and limitations of your primary research? Have you got permission to undertake the research from your organisation and participants? Have you access to relevant information and key people needed for your research? What resources will you need? What timescales are there?

How will you address ethical considerations? Think about confidentiality, privacy and anonymity.

You should consult the following texts in the preparation of this assignment.

Key Texts:

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Available as an ebook at: http://lib.myilibrary.com?id95127

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A proposal:
o clearly conveys the appropriateness of the organisation
o fully justifies the choice of issue
o sets the issue in its theoretical context and gives clear indication and justification of the literature to be reviewed; the proposal will show that a wide and creative range of material is to be reviewed
o maps out a clear methodology based on Action Research
o identifies and discusses comprehensively data gathering methods appropriate to the project
o indicates clearly the overall direction and scope of the intended project
o fully acknowledges and addresses ethical issues in the context of the project is presented in an acceptable academic format