Evelopment and application of a diatom-inferred pH model

I need a writer to finish my scientific report by writing 600 words for DISCUSSION section. There are no strict guidelines to writing this so writer can do whatever he thinks is best.

The writer has to be advanced in both statistics and environmental sciences.

Coursework Guidelines

You are to write a scientific report based on the methods introduced in the practical classes to choose an appropriate pH model from the Welsh lakes training set, and its application to a sediment core from Llyn Hir, Wales .

The report should consist of the following sections: introduction, methods, results, discussion and references. The introduction can be very brief: simply outline the aims of the report. The methods section should concentrate on the choices you used (giving justifications) to select an appropriate pH model. The results should detail the principal data used to select the final model. The results should also describe the applied transfer function. The discussion should place the results from the transfer function into a wider setting, linked to acidification and recovery of upland lakes.