Evelopment of a novel drug -eluting stent (DES) platform for the delivery of drug -loaded magnetic nanoparticles

AIM: The main goal of this proposal is to develop a novel drug-A­a?eluting stent (DES) platform for drug-A­a?loaded magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) that target vascular stem cells for the treatment of in-A­a?stent restenosis. Specifically, this proposal will generate novel inhibitor-A­a?loaded MNPs to inhibit hedgehog control of vascular stem cell transition to vSMC and evaluate the potency of drug-A­a? loaded MNPs in modulating stem cell growth and transition to vSMC under magnetic vs non-A­a? magnetic conditions in vitro…

Added on 15.12.2014 18:37
Also I should mention that I will be using these drugs, cyclopamine and HPI-4 in the project. So those drugs will be loaded on the magnetic nanoparticles to treat cardiovascular disease. And Cyclopamine and HPI-4 are hedgehog pathway inhibitor.