Evelopment of a Quality/Performance Improvement Process in Professional Nursing

Development of a Quality/Performance Improvement Process in Professional Nursing: As the nurse manager for a healthcare unit you identify some problems delivering excellent care to your patients, identify one problem and develop a patient outcome-based Performance Improvement project to deal with the problem.
Guidelines and grading criteria for Quality Improvement process

1 Introduction and identification of the problem. Rationale for improvement project 15%
2 Goal(s) of project improvement 15%
3 Scope of project improvement ( describe why and what functions,
processes, outcomes, patient populations, and work areas will be improved from this project) 20%
4 Describe anticipated resources needed for the project 10%
5 List at least two (2) key project success measures in each of the following
categories: Patient outcomes, organizational outcomes, resource
consumption 30%
6 The paper shall reflect a scholarly effort; proper grammar, coherence and
spelling, and shall be no more that five (5) double spaced type-written
pages in length (excluding references). 10%