Evelopment of a Research Design / Management Styles

Dear Writer,
I have contacted the Costumer Service regarding this particular paper, and they reassured me that it wont cause any troubles. To begin with, I currently study Hospitality Management, in Europe, Switzerland. This research paper is not an actual dissertation, but more of a practice, due to the dual diploma that i am currently doing.
The requirement for this project is as following:
1) Write proposal on a subject, which can be measured during internship
2) Doing internship and collecting data
3) Coming back from internship, evaluating, analyzing and applying the data for the FINAL PAPER
I am currently on the last stage. Year ago I have ordered Proposal on this topic. Since, proffesors at our university are very demanding, my Proposal Part received only 5.45 (54.5%), which is not even passing grade. Even though all the information on project and proposal had been provided to the writer. So, I kept the proposal and went on internship.
Now I am at stage 3. I have started writing about my experience and method used for collecting data. I will upload also the questionaire to you. At this point, now what is required is further development of the research, analysis and interpretation of the results. Together with conclusion and final work.
To summerize:
1) Evaluating and correcting Paper on its current stage.
2) Finishing up the analysis and research
I have made the questionaire, but all the results are totally made up. You are free to use your imagination on the results as well. My first internhsip i made in 5* Hotels restaurant, where precission and discipline was the key. Second internship (the one i just got back from) was in real estate agency in Switzerland. Where manager was more laid back, and work atmosphere was more tranquile.
If you have any questions more I would be eager to answer them. Wish you a good luck!