Evelopment of Business Case (Risk Management)

Business Case Study, Risk Management Framework and Risk Register.

The case study is the first assignment and will be the foundation upon which the risk management plan will be developed in assessment 2. The case study can be based on an actual company or organisation. It may also be a project based case study.
The business case study will describe the business (or organisation), its vision and objectives, and its structure. The case study will include a brief description of the stakeholders (internal and external) and what market the business operates in.

This case study must use Section 3 and 4 of AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Guiding principles and framework to define how the organisations vision, objectives, structure, stakeholders and framework, may define and manage organisational or business risks. Also use Australian/ New Zealand Standard HB 436:2004 Risk Management Guidelines as supporting documentation for terminology, principles and processes of risk management.

The framework will comprise elements of the AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management Standard. The framework will include 12 identified risks in the risk register . Even though this assignment will utilise group collaboration, individuals within each group will need to develop the business case and framework, and submit the outcomes through an individual report based on their proposed business /organisation.
The risk management plan (assessment 2) will be based on their business or organisation defined and described in assessment 1, the business case study and risk framework. The business case study should be up to a maximum 3,000 words (excluding appendices).

The aim of this assessment is for students to develop an understanding of the organisation or business and its context with regard to the wider community and the identification of a list of risks associated with the organisation. In order to do this, you need to explain what the business does, what it is aiming to achieve, and the risks which may impact on its success. Students will need to apply what has been learnt to date in the lectures. It is important to not only demonstrate understanding of the theory of risk management but its application as it relates to the organisation.

Students Guidelines for the Business Case study
The preparation of the business case is to be completed individually and should cover the following four areas:

Development of context, internal and external environment for the organisation needs to be comprehensive; o Business mission and objectives needs to show relatedness to organisational and industry issues;
Framework and all stakeholders; needs to be comprehensive;
Criteria table and likelihood table across the elements;
Risks identified 12 (three from each of four different areas of the business framework). For each risk you should identify the risk owner, consequence, likelihood, risk score, cause and consequence.
NOTE: Standard Cover sheet and marking guide must be attached when making electronic submission. (This coversheet will be online)


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