Evelopment of domesticated dogs, and how they impact modern society.

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Topic: Development of domesticated dogs, and how they impact modern society.

I. Introduction

A. ThesisDogs are in every aspect a positive enrichment in modern society now a days.

B. Essay Map

1. History/Biological Development
-Different Races
-Assumption of dogs in different cultures

2. Dogs in modern society
-Dogs as companions of humans
-Dogs improving the daily life of people

3. Domesticated dogs
-Revolution of domesticating animals in general
-Dogs as workers
-Different stages of work

4. The abuse of dogs
-Definition of abusing
-In what way are dogs being abused
-The reason why people do so and where
-What can be done against the abuse of animals

II. Conclusion

A. What can we learn from dogs and their behaviors
B. Restate Thesis
C. Concluding Quote

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In our modern society now a days, pets, especially dogs have become a common companion of many humans. In general, dogs areni??t only great to pet, they are involved in social community service, by working for the police or as guide-dogs for people with disabilities In contrast to other animals, dogs are probably the most tamed species on earth, trained to integrate with people, making our lives more easier and pleasant.
The ability of taming dogs is a positive enrichment in every aspect, it allows us to build a unique relationship to different creatures, in order to improve and benefit from it.

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