Basically an IT dissertation. I have to develop a prototype website like Ebay and write report about it. So the report should cover what is E-commerce, how i design the website, the methodology used, the functions and plenty justifications. will discuss more in detailed in email.

Added on 14.03.2015 02:06
IVe attached my student handbook for the dissertation. My dissertation is a GENERAL COMPUTING PROJECT. From PAGE 46 to 50, you can find all the information regarding general computing project and things to write for the report. You can refer to the handbook for the marking scheme of this project, some parts carry more marks than others. As i mentioned this dissertation contains a prototype website and a report. The website is not fully functioning since itS a prototype, but my website is very similar like Ebay where users are able to add item to cart and pay after that. In the report you can talk about all the functions to be implemented in the website. In the report you should also include different types of methodologies in designing and developing website, compare them and justify why you choose it.

Stuff to include in the report that i can think of for now:

Website (i use the following softwares)
1) Cpanel (compare with other control panel, justify why Cpanel is better)
2) Filezilla (compare with other FTP software, justify why Filezilla is better)
3) PHPEdit (compare with other software, justify why using PHPEdit is more user friendly to edit webpages and php)
4) MySQL (talk about MySQL)

HereS my website (Auction4student.com)

ItS hosted by Nodowntime,domains
I use Cpanel and Filezilla to manage my website
PHPEdit to code webpages and php script

I would like you to focus on the Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluations and Conclusion bits as they carry more mark. Let me know if you need more information. Thanks for everything in advance!