Evelopment of OHS intervention strategy: Occupational stress in the UK

In the UK, for the occupational stress, analyse and synthesise (1) the current literature on recent changes in demography, industrial structure and labour markets and their potential impact on the health of workers. (2) Produce an evidenced based occupational health intervention strategy suitable for your chosen occupational health issue.

After writing the introduction and background, please design the report as will cover:
1. Critically evaluate social, demographic and industrial influences on occupational safety, health and well-being. + table and graph
2. Access and interpret relevant injury and ill-health data to make recommendations for prioritisation of intervention. + table and graph
3. Make judgements on alternative strategies to manage workplace safety and health risks.
4. Formulate and communicate intervention strategies addressing workplace health and safety risks.

IMPORTANT #1: the resources must includes access through governmental resources such as HSE and ILO.. ext.
#2: I will attach file that describe the intervention strategies to apply it in this report .