11 arial, single spaced and printed on one side only. Please staple in the top right hand corner and place in a plain plastic envelope. Put a mark sheet at the front clearly indicating your name and registration number.

Possible Structure:
” Introduction
” Brief introduction to the international organisation
” Research Questions
” What do you want to find out
” Indicative literature
” An overview of some of the key issues within the literature explicitly linked to your research.
” Research methodology
” How you investigated the topic, how did you generate data about learning & development within this organisation?
” Findings
” An analysis of the data you gathered, pulling together key themes / issues.
” Conclusions
” No new information here but pulls together and integrates the data and the literature. What new insights can you now offer into learning & development within this international organisation? What are the implications of this for developing people in an international arena.

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I am Chinese student, so dont write the coursework like English people writing style too much. Thanks.