Evelopment of Print Documents for online Delivery

I am to write an essay using a communication theoretical perspective of either a) socio-psychological tradition, b) semiotic tradition, c) socio-cultural tradition on the DEVELOPMENT OF PRINT DOCUMENTS FOR ONLINE DELIVERY. The method Im to use is either a case study or content analysis. The essay content is to incorporate a) News gathering and gate-keeping online b) Blogs and public relations and c) Trustworthiness/veracity/reliability of online content

I have an annotated bibliography for the above essay if you need. The essay also has to pass authenticity software Turn It In. I dont mind which theoretic perspective the essay is written from (I am more knowledgeable on the semiotic tradition) If I had more time I was going to use a content analysis to analyse three magazines and their web counterparts eg; Australias Womans Day a womans interest magazine, Time magazine as a News Magazine, and Cosmopolitan, Cleo, or Vogue as a Fashion Magazine. If it is easier to do a case study, thats fine.
I have 4 other essay due, hence the reason Im passing this one on to you. I do have a lot of resources that you are welcome to.

An overview of the theorectic perspectives can be seen in Griffin, Em (2000) A first look at communication theory 4th edn McGraw Hill: Boston