Evelopment of Sound Film Assignment: Four Short Essay Questions

There are FOUR responses list below. Each of the four responses should be between 400-450 words in length. Exams must be typewritten and double-spaced, with the prompt number for each response clearly indicated.
In crafting your reponses, draw only on the required readings. This is not a research assignment but an occasion to analyze and synthesize material that we have been studying in the first half of the course. When quoting from the required readings, cite the author(s), the article or book, and the pertinent page number(s).
Do not include long quotations, however, instead, summarize ideas succinctly and leave space for the elucidation of your own ideas. There is no single right answer to these prompts. Your response should convey a distinctive point of view.

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Dear writer,
This is a very important assignment for my class. Please read my instruction and the essay questions carefully. Use the articles that I upload for you. Please DO NOT COPY INFORMATION FROM INTERNET! WRITE EVERYTHING IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Please do not use too many fancy words as well, just be as clear and detailed as you can. Thank you!

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