Evelopment of Urban Civilization and Form

The written essay should have 3000 words.

Write a 3000 words essay with academic standards. The topic chosen relates to Central government and Law. Do use books, websites to do the basic research on the subject. And academic paper should not be based only on websites. Also the paper should include a summary of Central Government roles ( related to the Built Environment) and their connection to the topic chosen.

The following topics should be used:
Environment (environment protection, air pollution, water pollution, recycling, etc)

Transportation (government department and policy implications in relation to trains? Tube? Airports?

-Heritage (actions oriented towards protecting the Architectural heritage).

The following issues will be assessed
1Ability to write an essay following academic standards (special consideration should be given to ensure English quality and spelling).
2Ability to write with your own words a clear argument with an Introduction, main body, table of contents, bibliography, main body, and a conclusion. (3000 words required, tables, charts, graphic aids should be counted apart; a 10% up or down in the number of words will be acceptable)
3-Ability to read books and synthesise/integrate information and ideas from them.
4Ability of drawing inferences and conclusions from observations and/or literature review data information.

The essay should be written in Arial style and with a size 12 font and line spacing of 1 and half. Page numbering is also required and a bibliography
A cover page should include:

Ahmed Adel Engineer
Module teacher: Catalina Gangelsonas
Module Name: Development of Urban Civilization and Form
Module Code: 4BES316