Evelopment plan for strengthening scholarship and professional life

Please write paper is in a scholarly manner. Paper must be at Masters level, but written in a way that someone new to the field can read with ease. Please make sure references in the biliography are peer reviewed nursing articles that are no older than 5 years old. If the references are from books please provide the author of the books in addition to the page number and/or section of the book They must come out of nursing journals that are peer reviewed, or nursing text. I must be able to locate the references with ease. PLEASE INCLUDE THE SOURCES/ REFERENCES PROVIDED BELOW IN THE BIBLIOGRAPHY

Locate and read two refereed articles that discuss challenges related to the teaching and learning skills of nurse educators.


Explore various tips on how to improve teaching at both these websites.

Do a selfassessment using the NLN Competencies for Nurse Educators. Develop a personal development plan for strengthening your own scholarship and professional life.