Evelopment Studies Technology, Technological Development & Flexibile Specialisation (OUTSOURCING for Developing Countries)

This is not a business class, it is for my development studies class. Developing countries are aiming to encourage improvements in technology to improve international competitiveness. This can be achieved by encouraging external involvement but also by modernizing domestic firms. Define Flexible Specialization”, “just in timetechnological processes and First mover advantageand Value chainstalk about its importance for successful industrialization, and the factors they play in developing countries. All the above should be done in 5 6 slides and then the rest of the presentation which should be 8 slides should outline the most important disadvantages and advantages of Outsourcingfor developing countries industrialization.

In the chat I have been told that 1 page in the order represents 2 slides so I will order 7 so it should be 14 slides.

Please make the presentation eye friendly with images.

I have 20 mins to present it in class.