Evelopment StudiesManaging Conflict in the Developing World

The assignment is comprised of two components:

Firstly, a succinct critical analysis of two readings of the studentas choice from 5 readings(will be uploaded), of up to 500 words for each analysis for a total of 1,000 words. Providing a mere summary of the content of reading does not amount to critical analysis and will be heavily penalised. Instead, students are expected to investigate and explore the concepts outlined in their chosen readings, mounting persuasive arguments to either support or contradict conclusions made in the reading. Stronger analyses will: more fully develop the conclusions made in the reading, or; suggest alternative conclusions, or; do both!

Secondly, a short policy brief of between 500 and 750 words on an existing conflict in the developing world of the studentas choice. Students should provide a very brief summary of the conflict, including the major challenges currently facing its resolution. Lastly, the policy brief needs to provide policy recommendations which would help ease or resolve the conflict, for each of the major parties to the conflict as well as the international community in general. Stronger briefs will be succinct, and specific rather than general.

You should achieve:
1.To analyse conflicts, namely: to describe and explain the nature of conflict, their key drivers, and their complex interaction
2.To explain and apply key conflict management approaches
3.To analyse and describe appropriate policy options available to government and international organisations to respond to conflict, and to judge the appropriateness of these policies
4.To identify and appraise conflict management policy failures, and suggest adjustments or alternatives
5.To develop research skills and skills in persuasive oral and written argument, including: data collection; interpretation by way of analytical commentary; demonstrated ability to support analysis through empirical evidence and draw critical conclusions, and; presentation skills
*Turnitin will be used for detecting plagiarism