Evelopmental Case Study Essay (4 year olds)

What is required from me is to write a developmental case study essay based on the checklist that was provided for us when we met with children from one of the local daycares.
My childs initials are E.N. she is 4 years old, who was happy to participate in my project and was eager to please me, although sometimes too much by doing extra stuff trying to impress me with her skills. Here is the content provided by college and my observation for the study case:
Does the child do these tasks:
1. walk on a line?she tried to walk on the line but mostly ended up on one side or another of the line.
2. Balance on 1 foot briefly? Hop on 1 foot? yes, without difficulty
3. Jump over the object 6 inches high and land on both feet?yarn was used approx. 6 feet high the child jumped no problem landing on both feet
4. throw ball w/ direction?she tried to trow and catch the ball to her friend in front of me: trowing with direction, but could not catch when it was thrown back to her.
5. copy circles and crossesyes, without difficulty
6. match 6 colors?yes, while naming them
7. Count to 5?Can count to 10
8. Pour well from pitcher? pead butter, jam w/ knife? -yes, spreads peanut butter really good and carefully
9. Button/ unbutton large buttons?unbuttoning is easier for her, buttons up but takes some time to acomplish
10. Know own sex, age, and last name?-yes
Use toilet independantly and reliably?-yes, wasnt observed, info taken from her caregiver at daycare
11. Wash and dry hands unassisted?yes
12.Listen to stories for at least 5 minutes?yes, but tends to get distracted
13. Draw head of person and at least one other body part?yes, drew head with facial features, no years though, but added a body and extremeties in a Stick mode”
14. Play with other children?yes, but prefers to play alone
15.Share, take turns (with some assistance)? very good at sharing, understands taking turns
16. Engage in dramatic and pretend play?yes, she loves it, especialy dressing up
17. Responds appropriately to Put it beside”, Put it under”?yes, I used a paper and asked her to do this to a pencilshe did exanctly as I asked
18. Respond to two step directions?yes, I asked her to go wash hands and pour me a glass of water from the pitchershe followed without difficulty
19. Respond by selecting the correct object-for example, hard vs. soft?yes, used 2 different balls one was hasd and small, the other one was soft and big.she could chose correctly big, small, soft and hard
20. Answer If”, What”, and Whenquestions?-answered when her birthday was correctly, and what she had for lunch (peanutbutter sandwich and apple)
21.Answer questions about function: What are books for?She answered, To read

I will attach the instructions about this paper including the grading rubric which you can follow, please do not worry about demographics and family assesment part, just the Developmental assigmentand the rest of the paper. The paper should be written according to the norms in development of the 4 year olds, the book to use is by Wong/Perry Maternal Child Nursing Care3rd edition from Mosby Elsevier, chapter 38, but earlier editions would work as well.
Thank you