Evelopmental Crime theory (Life course and trajectory theory)

Theory Paper
This paper should include a general understanding of the theory, examples of the theory that seek to understand whether or not the theory is right and the studentas OWN WORDS. You can use the book to quote from, but you must use your own words as you are explaining the theory and giving your examples. To receive an A on this paper, student will also be required to use other sources then the book to gain a better understanding of the theory. These sources can come from books, articles or newspapers, but they cannot come strictly from the internet.
-Your paper should be broken into the following five sections:
Section 1: General over view of the theory and all the different ideas that you are going to bring up in your paper
Section 2: Support or lack of support for the theory in general
Section 3: Support or lack of support for why crime happens
Section 4: Support or lack of support for crime preventions and deterrence
Section 5: Conclusion: give a recap of all the things you have proven and address some of the weaknesses or strengths that are not represented in your paper
-Font: Times New Roman 12
-Double Spaced
-CITED WORK must be put into quotes and cited correctly
a?The hills are alivea? (Mcgoo 126).
I will send other helpful documents like the professors grading rubric and outline.