Evelopmental Psychology Essay on Childcare

After reading the excerpt on pages 216 & 217 of the uploaded documents, discuss the effects of childcare on a newborn s overall development. Considering the fact that 28% of children younger than five (5) years of age spend their days in child-care centers, what advice would you give to parents who were deciding the issue of childcare for their child? The essay must be written on a high master s level with coherent and flowing sentences. The first page must be 200 to 250 words in length and should demonstrate critical thinking in your engagement of the question posed.

On page 2 of the assignment please respond to the essay below with a 100 word response.
Many children under the age of five spend a great deal of time in child-care centers. According to Feldman (2006), the number of children in this situation is 28%. There has been a great deal of research done to determine what kind of effects this arrangement can have on the child. Some of the factors involved in this research include cognitive development and parental attachment. The main result of this research centers on the quality of the child-care center. As long as the center is of high quality, the effects of child-care on children under the age of five are not significantly negative or positive.
I would recommend that the parent spend the most time with their children. When this is not possible, I would suggest a close family member or friend because I feel there is an intimacy involved that cannot be as easily obtained in a more public setting. In any case, I would recommend that the child-care arrangements be consistent.
If a child-care center were the only option, I would recommend close observation of the center. In my experience (almost seven years in the child-care field), this will not be a problem with the center staff. I would suggest making a list of questions for the parent to ask the staff as well as the center s director. For example, the state licensing inspections are available for the parents to review. Spending some time with the child-care center s staff will guide the parent in making this very important decision.