Evelopmental Psychology (Reflective Essay)

I am 40+ Taking up Bachelor of Applied Social Science major in counselling, one of my subj. is Developmental Psychology and Assessment type that we are going to do is REFLECTIVE ESSAY, not ESSAY but REFLECTIVE ESSAY.


Write an essay tracing your (me) personal development milestones & related developmental issues to the present time. Reflect on this in light of developmental psychology literature.



* Milestones & development issues highlighted (maybe my life events?)

*Milestone & developmental issues analysed (maybe from birth to now?)

*Appropriate theory used

*Personal responses & experiences identified & analysed

*First person writing style used

*Ideas presented clearly & logically ( maybe essay structured used)

*Wide range of sources analysed, evaluated & correctly referenced
–e g. focus on 2-3 developmental milestones (up to the writer he can invent something about me, I am a female, married late at the age of 38, or the writer can asked me question when he send me an email)
The writer can focus in period of time, eg, my whole life. the writer can write a minimum of 4 milestones or event 1 theory per milestone.
Self analyzing through undestanding of the theory

(pls. give me a good writer that can answer to my assessment pls. as I have a more coming if you can give me good satisfaction.

thanks & regards,