Evelopments in learning technologies (e-learning software)

There are two options on the attached file the second one is the one im concerned with

If the writer is english UK, he/she did one of my previous papers, if they are ok with the title Developments in learning technologies (e-learning software) and the stuff I send, otherwise can you find another writer who specialises with this topic here is the outline

Main assessed task
There are two options:


1 a research study, presented online, investigating an aspect of learning technologies that interests you. Typically this could cover a particular learning theory or group of theories, an approach to e-learning software design, an approach to e-learning content design, a relevant standard or standards, a design methodology or some other e-learning topic. Approximate length: 3000-3500 words


2 an artefact (typically some e-learning software, courseware or a course design) based on theoretical foundations informed by a shorter research study of around 1000-1500 words.

Whichever path you choose, the topic should be agreed in advance with the module leader.

For either option you must include a reflective evaluation of what you have done, including such things as: how you have done it, the difficulties you encoutered, the parts that you are most proud of, what you would do differently next time, what you would do next if you had more time.

The criteria in either case are the same:
” depth and rigour of research
” effectiveness of communication
” creativity/originality
” skill (research and/or technology)
” breadth (integration of course content)