Event Management) Study RecordThe meaning of events

For this assessment you are required to develop a study record
based on your reading around a particular event topic. Thus you are
not asked to answer a particular question, but rather record your
readings and your thoughts on the readings that you are doing
around the topic. This will enable you to develop the skills of critical
awareness and analysis of the academic literature and encourage
you to critique and synthesize what researchers and academics
have written about the topic.
1. Familiarize yourself with the topic: The meaning of events
2. Find a couple of related articles or book/book chapters, which will
give you
some initial thoughts and ideas about the topic. Take some initial
notes by discussing and comparing what these two authors have
argued. Please note here that your interest in the topic will
determine what articles/books you will be looking at. These might be
very different to your classmates.
3. Using the reference lists of these two articles/books and other
research tools (e.g. library database, scholar google) find other
resources/books/articles, which are related. Read through them and
discuss how these link to your discussion notes on the first two
4. Continue to explore new articles/books and compare/contrast
them to what you had discussed before. By doing so you will
develop a strong discussion on different peopleas opinion about the
Please note: The theme is very broad so that you can explore it from
an angle that you are interested in e.g. the different meanings of
events; the role of rituals e.g. Christmas for people; what a
particular event means to people e.g. part of their identity. In
general, you are expected to:
* Select and summarize specific academic texts (mainly books and
journals), focusing on key points relating to your understanding of
the theme.
* Compare and contrast the work of these different authors on the
subject, identifying areas of consensus and disagreement; and
evaluating their respective arguments.
* Indicate how understanding of the theme develops and changes
through the literature identified. Thus, your study record is similar to a literature review where you
explore what different authors have said about a particular topic and
include your own opinion within the discussion.
The study record should include: Journal articles, both
single-authored books and chapters from multi-authored works.
Credit will be given for summaries of relevant newspaper articles,
industry literature, and works of fiction (films, novels etc) where
appropriate, and where you successfully relate them to the
academic literature. The main focus of the record must, however, be
on appropriate academic texts.
*You should NOT be using Wikipedia or other web-based material
unless it comes from a reputable source. However, given that the
focus of the study record is academic even such reputable web-sites
will have very limited use. E-Journals and peer reviewed web-based
journals are acceptable.
*In addition you should NOT be using text books. Instead using
monographs, journal articles and edited collections. A monograph is
a single authored book that contains the ideas of one key writer eg:
Meethan, K. (2001) Tourism in Global Society. Palgrave

The structure of the study record will be upload later as well as lecture slides.