Events management) Events Themes & Perspective REPORT

A research report 2000-2500 words where you plan and design a research project to examine event behaviour and experiences. The purpose of this assessment is to communicate key issues in the required format of a written presentation; and prepare and present a research report, which aims to develop knowledge in a relevant events-related area. YOU ARE NOT TO CONDUCT ANY FIELDWORK / DATA COLLECTION

can select ONE of the following events research projects to plan and design:

i · Economic regeneration and the London Olympics 2012: A pre-event analysis.


i · The importance of crowd management and crowd control at music festivals: An events industry


Your research report must:

i · Show an understanding of research approaches, design and techniques.

i · Demonstrate the ability to develop a logical argument in response to the given task.

i · Review research method literature (e.g. academic journals and books) from event management and social

science texts.

i · You are required to have proper in-text reference and the reference list in the end using the Harvard

Referencing System.

i · Provide evidence to support your research plan and design by making reference to a wide variety of

academic sources, and acknowledge them correctly.

i · Maintain correct spelling and grammar.

r research report should contain the following sections: Research Statement / Title, Introduction to Research Report, Research Technique, Research Approach, Data Collection Methods, Designing the Data Collection Method, Conclusion, Reference List.

i · Your research statement / title identifies the focus of the study.

i · A comprehensive introduction, which gives the background to your research project and states the aim and

objectives of your study.

You should select two data collection methods, which you propose to use.

i · Designing the data collection methods involves you discussing, for example, the questions you plan to ask

potential research participants and insert a copy of the questionnaire / interview script / focus group


i · The conclusions should demonstrate the ability to draw together key arguments/themes.

i · The research method literature selected should be appropriate in respect of the chosen research project

and full citations presented in the reference list.

The link your research statement / title and the research plan and design:

Remember to relate the two together sufficiently! You need to relate your research statement / title to the research plan and design. The link will guide you in identifying your research technique, research approach, data collection method and designing the data collection methods. The research plan and design needs to be appropriate to your chosen research area i.e. research statement / title.

Try to approach this assignment in a logical and systematic way

Make sure you have a logical structure, a convincing argument, clear description of the focus, purpose and scope of the research which a?sets the scenea, and clear presentation of the research report, and a conclusion