Eviance of Body Decorations(piercings and tattoos)

The term paper will detail what is known about the incidence and prevalence of body modifications. In the paper you also must write about two different deviance theories and discuss how these two theoretical perspectives can explain the occurance of body art and its reactions.
Theories found in Deviant Behavior by Thio,Taylor, Schwartz. Pearson 11th addition.

Try to use that book as your main source. if you do not have access to it let me know asap so I can give you access to it online. Also 5 different sources from sociological journals such as –
American Journal of Sociology, American Sociological review, Psychology Today, British Journal of Sociology, Annual review of Sociology, New York Times, Sociology of Health and Illness and so on.

The first Two pages are going to be turned into the teacher for review. It should include an introductory and beginning of the body with three sources already.

This subject is for my senior year at high school so please do not write like a doctor. I dont use creative writing or big words. Thanks 😉