Eviant Behavior Essay-See order instructions for compltete assignment guidechoose whichever deviant behavior is easier to write about

1. You are being asked to write a research paper on an aspect of deviance that interests you. This could be about a form of deviant behavior, the people who engage in that behavior, or societyas reaction to the behavior.
You will need a minimum of five sources, not including the course text and Wikipedia. Please aim for credible sources (e.g. books or articles written by sociologists, websites that report research on deviant behavior.) Use the EBSCO Host search engine rather than Google. NOTE: if you use EBSCO from an off-campus location, you will be prompted to log in through Banner. Be patienta¦ this may take a minute or so.)
2. Try to be as specific as possible with your search term (e.g. if you want to explore satanic child abuse, donat just search for child abuse or satanism.) You can broaden your search term if necessary.

3. The goal of the paper is to explore the topic, not necessarily to prove an hypothesis.

4. You should begin by defining the behavior, and explain why the behavior is considered deviant. You might want to say something about the history of the behavior (or reactions to it.)

5. If appropriate, you might want to search for well-known examples or cases to illustrate your paper.

6. Make sure that your conclusions are reasonable and supported by evidence (a paper on serial killers that concludes with a?these people are clearly insanea? will not earn you a high grade or rubric score unless youave provided evidence that they are.)

7. Your papers should be about 2,000 words, typed and double-spaced, with 1a? margins. Please attach a title page to the paper, but write your name on the back of the last page only. Refer to the course syllabus for submission dates.

8. Donat be afraid to ask for my advice and recommendations!

Some examples of research papers from past years:
A Typology of Serial Killers: motives and methods
Goths: fashion statement or deviant subculture?
Is Female Bodybuilding Deviant?
Should the Amish be Considered Deviant?
Hyper-masculinity in the Gay Male Community
A Profile of Parents Who Home-school Their Children

1 inch margins and must apply a theory to the behavior that best describes the behavior in 1 page near the end of the paper.