Eviant Behavior: Using Control Theory to Explain why Delinquent Teenagers Shoplift

Use the concept of control theory to explain why teenagers shoplift.
Introduction: In about one page, (a) introduce the topic of deviance, teenagers and shoplifting; (b) explain why and how you can apply control theory and its perspectives to explain the issue.
Literature Review/Sources of Inspiration: In about two pages, (a) review the existing literature; and (b) show what has been studied and what remains to be studied on the issue of teenagers shoplifting, especially from a control theory perspective.
Theoretical Image: In about one page, develop a theoretical image of the issue of teenagers shoplifting directly from control theory.
Theoretical Components: In about 4 pages, (a) identify major aspects/elements of the issue, teenagers and shoplifting. Include the causes, reasons, and consequences, and (b) explain each of those aspects, in detail, using one or more perspectives of the control theory.
Policy Implications: In about one and a half pages, offer specific suggestions to parents, probation officers, and delinquent teenagers themselves regarding shoplifting.
Conclusion: In about half a page, conclude your paper with its major points (findings and arguments). Point out if there are any related issues to be further studied.