Exam essay questions(read instructions carefully)

ESSAY. Your essay will focus mostly on Part II of the book, The Gebusi. While you should prepare your answers in advance, you will write your essay in class without reference to books or notes. Your essay must be clearly written and well-organized. Address all parts of the question and discuss specific examples. One of the following two questions will appear on the exam.
1. When Knauft revisits his field site in 1998 and in 2008, he observes the effects of globalization, modernization, and change. As discussed in lecture and the textbook, what is globalization? Then, based on Part II of the book, describe TWO examples of how globalization and/or modernization has affected the Gebusi. You may focus on religion, economic activities, marriage, gender, ritual, or another domain of social life discussed in Part II.
2. What did the Nomad Independence Day celebrations reveal about (a) changes in Gebusi culture, (b) Gebusi in relation to their government and the Papua New Guinea State, AND (c) the general relationship between culture, ritual, and social change?

books: Knauft, Bruce. 2012. The Gebusi: Lives Transformed in a Rainforest World. 3rd ed. McGraw.

each essay in one paper no style, I want as easy as possible and simple to remember pls! thank yew and if yew have any questions msg me 😀